Dawlish Transition to Launch!

As we face peak oil, sustainability issues, climate change and pollution - it becomes evident that communities need to support each other.

We are aiming to launch Dawlish Transition soon.  This will be a great way to bring the community together to tackle issues, and also to put Dawlish's needs on the map.

We could work with regeneration projects, or set up community gardens.   We could get training, support and funding.

We can find out how to make things last longer....save money, and save Earth's resources.

There are so many opportunities for Dawlish, and to get involved and play a part, all you need to do is come along to our events and find out more.

Right now we are planning an event for February 2011.  It will be a film night, held at the Red Rock Youth Training Centre, Sandy Lane.    More details will be posted here as we have them.

Express your interest...
In the meantime you can send us your details, and we'll keep you informed:  email:  s.haswell@btinternet.com, and use "Dawlish Transition" as your subject title.  If you'd like to get involved right from the outset, then please say so in the email. It will be great to have you on board!

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  1. Launching - or 'unleashing' in the jargon - a Transition Town takes time. I posted something on Dawlish Transition in response to 'Transition Ambridge' in 2008:
    "What Dawlish needs is a core group of people interested in exploring Dawlish becoming a ‘Transition Town’ – anyone who doesn’t know what that is, look it up in google. More and more towns are joining the movement. Towns with ‘something special’ – those which are not yet dead towns or clone towns – have a head start, and Dawlish is special, but it won’t be if we let that supermarket in; we’d be at the back of the Transition queue then, sadly. I think Dawlish is still special, and if you do too, let’s get together – this could be fun! If Totnes and Ambridge can do it, so can we! Chris"
    PS This was sparked off by the 'Save Sandy Lane from Tesco' campaign. The town is still threatened by supermarket(s).