Next meeting, 22nd March, 7pm, Manor House

The next Transition meeting will be held on 22nd March, at 7pm  Room 4a, The Manor House, Dawlish and you are all warmly invited to attend. If you can, please come along.
The meeting is to decide what sort of activities and facilities we would like to see developed here in Dawlish as part our Transition Town movement, and to give information about progress with any ideas that have already been started. We value your input and ideas and look forward to seeing you there,
best wishes,
Dawlish Transition member

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  1. Buck The Trend are a similar group to yourselves in the other community (Buckfastleigh) in Devon whose local recycling centre is being closed by Devon County Council. We've been trying to use this closure to highlight to local residents what we can do if we work together as a community. This might be an idea for a subject that would interest Dawlish residents and get them involved in Transition thinking.
    We are working together with our local Town and District Councillors to try and identify what community-run recycling facilities we might be able to set up. We're also surveying local residents to find out what they want/need (see In the short term, it might also be worth keeping the ball rolling by looking into one of the lower overhead ways of keeping up recycling rates (e.g. recycling low energy light bulbs, see

    If you want to contact us, please drop an email to

    Good luck,
    Steve Bamford, BTT Secretary