Winning Renewable energy bids for Dawlish - YOUR help needed

 The short story - "Please just sign up as we need more members to win the bid"... 

The long story -We have registered Dawlish Transition as an energyshare group. Under this scheme we will be eligible to bid for funding to put in place community energy projects. This is funded by British Gas and supported by River Cottage and Friends of the Earth. In order to be eligible to apply for grant funding we need to gather as many supporters as possible before 30th June 2011, for a Community energy project. So it is important that you register as a member and supporter of the group, and drum up as much support as possible.
I have put forward the idea of making the Manor House more energy efficient by gaining funding to put in place the recommendations of the Save the Manor Group Report 2010- eg. provision of roof insulation, energy saving lighting, radiator heat controls etc. The roof may also be suitable for the installation of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity for use during sunshine hours. Everyone in Dawlish would benefit through reduced council costs and less energy use by community groups like us who hire the building.
You may have other Community schemes that could be put in place in well,
About Energyshare
energyshare is a community. It brings people together in person and online, to challenge the status quo and get more control over:
• Where your energy comes from
• How much you use
• How much you pay for it

Please follow next link to accept, sign-up, and join:

Dawlish Transition is a renewable energy community group on energyshare.
Once you've registered you could.... for the es fund
Hope to see you on soon!

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  1. renewable energy source should be used to the utmost extent. THen only one the world will be free of pollution.